Scuba Certified!!!

di-dieter-bonaire_08-21-09_0889I’m so excited….just finished my fourth open water dive and now I am officially certified!!  Woo hoo!  Now I have the rest of the week to dive, except for the day before I leave.  I know I’ll be doing a boat and shore dive on Thursday, so that should be a ton of fun.  I saw such cool multicolored fish today and a pretty big jelly fish and stingray.

Last night we went to the “Taste of Bonaire,” which is held four times a year and features food from the local restaurants, craft vendors and live music.  I tried goat and iguana stew, goat’s blood, and fish balls.  img_5905Hmm…yum!  It actually wasn’t that bad.  The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the cactus soup.  Tonight is BBQ night at Captain Don’s! Ok, enough with this computer…I must go back in the water!