Scandinavian Airlines: Comfort and Relaxation

We left from Newark Friday evening on a 7pm flight and landed in Stockholm 7.5 hours later after a very smooth flight on Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).   I knew it was going to be important to sleep on the flight since we were going to hit the ground running with a tour as soon as we landed in Stockholm, which was five hours ahead (6 hours ahead on Saturday with turning the clocks ahead), so I came all prepared with my fleece blanket and travel pillow, but I didn’t need to use either, as they supplied the pillows and blankets, which you may think is normal, but for many airlines, you now have to pay extra (what’s next?!)  I sat in economy extra, which was two steps down from first class (first class and business) but one step above economy, and it truly made a difference.  The seats were wider, reclined back with a footrest and had more legroom.  However, economy still looked comfortable as well with a selection of movies and entertainment.  We had movies on demand, so if you need to get up for a bit, you can pause and go back to it. The entertainment system also included many channels of music and games. I watched a great movie, ate dinner and then dozed off for a few hours before it was time for breakfast.  Dinner was a choice of tilapia and mashed potatoes or chicken and potatoes.  I chose the fish which was moist and delicious came with a yummy risotto and a lemon desert, wine and spirits.  Airline food can be hit or miss, but SAS gets a thumbs up for their food.  Breakfast was yogurt, some meats and OJ.

While some may think 7.5 hours is a long flight, it really flew by and was very comfortable.  The staff was very friendly and helpful and made sure one had everything they needed for a relaxing journey to Stockholm.  We will be using them for all the flights while here in Scandinavia.  On Tuesday, we fly from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden to Kiruna, north of Stockholm and home to the Ice Hotel.  Then it’s off to Copenhagen, Denmark for a few days.  I flew SAS to Norway last year and it’s always been a great experience.  They are known for their on time service and so far they haven’t let me down!