Dive into Romance at the Marriott Grand Cayman

While many visit Grand Cayman for their diving, it is also a very romantic and beautiful island.  Take a drive around the island along the coast and you’ll have the opportunity to dine at many waterfront restaurants, many along seven mile beach, where the Marriott is located.  Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a destination wedding, the Marriott Grand Cayman is the perfect choice.  Grand Cayman is a great island on which to marry because all of the marriage paperwork only takes a few hours, so couples have been known to come in by cruise ship for the day and be married by the time they get back on board!  The wedding planners at the Marriott know exactly what to do to make your day a special one.  They prepare weddings for many different budgets and specialize in ethnic and military weddings.  When I met with Lucila Leiva, the wedding coordinator, she had just gotten off the phone with an Indian couple planning their three day traditional wedding.   Not only can you choose the budget and type of wedding you would like, but also the location within the Marriott because they have a tropical courtyard garden, a lush lagoon with turtles who take up residency, a large pool area, or of course you can use the ocean as your backdrop.

The rooms at the Marriott are spacious, clean and comfortable with a terrace overlooking the courtyard or ocean.  While there is plenty to do around the island, one could stay at the hotel for their entire stay and have plenty to do.  Red Sail Sports has a shop at the Marriott and they offer scuba diving and snorkeling trips, and kayak, sailboat, and water bike rentals.  There is a bar and restaurant on the beach so you can set up shop for the day and never have to go back inside.   Their buffet breakfast is phenomenal and includes many varieties of breads, muffins, lox, meats, oatmeal, yogurt, fresh and dried fruit, bacon, sausage, pancakes,  potatoes and an omelet station.  They also have themed dinners and entertainment most nights of the week.

While the food is excellent at the Marriott, you may also want to try a restaurant in West Bay or the East End.  I did not have one bad meal in Grand Cayman.  The food was always bursting with flavor and the seafood so fresh wherever we ate.  Some places I would recommend include Ristorante Luca in the Caribbean Club for its fine dining and ambiance, Over the Edge for it’s great food at a reasonable price, the Lighthouse for the an incredible romantic experience or a jerk chicken shack on the side of the road for some local and delicious cooking!  If you are flexible with your travel dates, I would say to wrap it around the annual “Taste of Cayman” weekend in which a huge selection of restaurants from the island set up shop in one location and for a small cost, you can sample food and drinks from many of the most popular restaurants.  This event is very popular with the locals and is filled with terrific food samples, wine, rum and martini bars,  and live entertainment from the area’s top bands.

So if you’re looking for an island getaway with great food, diving, people and ambiance, I would highly recommend heading to the Cayman Islands! However,  if you rent a car, you will be driving on the opposite side of the street!  I was really nervous since it was new to me and it took me awhile to stop hitting the windshield wipers instead of the blinkers, but the actual driving turned out to be fairly simple since it’s an easy island to navigate.  I guarantee you’ll love the island!