Smile…You May Be Going to Orlando…For Free!

When I think of Orlando, I think of my childhood. I was ten years old when I went to Disney World with my family.  Ive wanted to go back ever since, but I’m thinking the next time will probably be when I have kids.  But a lot of times, we as adults want to go back to that magical place as adults so we can be kids again.  Well now you can have the chance to do that, and in addition to Disney, experience every single attraction Orlando has to offer…every single one of them.. for free with a partner!  All that’s required is a big smile and a great outlook on life to go along with their ” Orlando Makes Me Smile” campaign. 

The Orlando/Orange County  Convention and Visitors Bureau has launched the first worldwide search for an adventurous couple with great smiles.   If chosen, your assignment would be to try over 100  attractions in Orlando over the course of 67 days and share your adventure  with a global audience through social media outlets and interviews.   The pair will be given a  two bedroom condo in Downtown Orlando to stay in,  cell phones, digital video and still cameras, a Dollar Rental Car, $25,000 to cover living expenses back home.

In order to be eligible, both people must be over 21, and the couple can be friends, co-workers, spouses, etc.  Just complete a personal profile, submit 500 words on why your smiles should be chosen and upload a 60 seconds or less video and photos by June 30 to  The adventure starts at the end of August until the beginning of November.  If you submit and are chosen, you must let me know!!!

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