New Years in Times Square

Happy New Year! How did you end up spending your New Years Eve? I thought mine would be low key, which it pretty much was for my standards…dinner, a friend’s apartment party in Times Square and then we walked around the city for awhile before settling into a diner at 3am. However, being that the apartment was on 47th street right off of Broadway, we were able to get close to all the action at around 11:45pm, which was pretty sweet. In all these years living in the New York area, I had never seen the ball drop because I never wanted to wait outside beginning at two in the afternoon. Last year, I went to the same party and it was awesome being in the middle of it all, so I decided to do it again this year. 

The energy of Times Square was truly amazing, with people gathered in one place from all around the world. The countdown, the confetti, the billboards, and the music pumping through the streets was just incredible. I think the best part was just a few minutes after midnight when everyone cleared out and I stood there looking up and around. It’s not often I stand in the middle of Times Square and take it all in.

And to top the night off, there were fireworks in Central Park and as I turned around towards the park, I saw the finale. Definitely a memorable way to start off the New Year, but what’s most important is that I was with friends and that’s what it’s all about. How have you spent the new year so far? We all make resolutions, but what is the one promise you have made to yourself that you will most definitely keep? I think the new year is a time for inspiration and motivation to change whatever it is you’d like to do differently and if you want it, only you can make it happen!! Here’s to health and happiness in the new year!

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